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Government of Tamilnadu - Department of Horticulture
SIM'S PARK, Coonoor.
Established : 1874
Area : 12.14 Hec
Altitude : 1780 Mts. Above MSL
Average Rainfall : 150 cm
Maximum Temperature : 30*c
Minimum Temperature : 5*c
This is a natural garden. The park has colourful flowers beds, lawns and rockeries.

You can see rare economic tree like Bead Tree, CINNAMOMUM etc., and graceful trees and shrubs like ARACARIA, QUERCUS, PHOENIX, MAGNOLIA, TURPEXTINE, PINE, TREE FERNS, CAMELLIA, you can see the island garden sorrounded by stream and pond, on the other side is a rose garden where more than 300 varieties are maintained.

Rare Plants and Trees from all over the World......

This park can take legitimate pride in having secured more than 1000 species of 255 generas belonging to 85 families widely covering almost all the different group of the plant kingdom.